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Illustrations of but extremely brief instructions for 16 crocheted yokes, originally meant for nightgowns and lingerie. Applied to a cotton or linen T-shirt type body, these would make nice summer camisole type tops today. Instructions and charts for filet crochet doilies, table linens, pillow covers, placemats and centerpieces; Emblem of Freedom Symbol of Roosevelt's Depression-era recovery effort ; rooster, cornucopia, edgings, and a collar.

Basic technique diagrams, simple edgings and motifs. Excellent instructions on preparing and couching the lace patterns, which are then covered with fine buttonhole stitches, and Reticella, using pre-made braids. The patterns in back are on special soft black paper with white tracings.

Collar and cuffs, lappet headdress, antimacassar, insertions, edgings, some easy, some complex, all lovely. The tatting pages only - star motifs in colored silk or cotton, for sleeves, collars and doilies. Intricate patterns for a parasol cover, an antimacassar, edgings, insertions and bonnet or doily.

Complete instructions on how to do filet crochet, with simple and lovely patterns and a few filet charts. Directions for drawn thread embroidery - exquisite lace. Slav, Italian, Reticella openwork, Spanish openwork, cut stitch designs, and a ground with rosettes resembling Teneriffe. Colored cross stitch charts - charming alphabets, borders and stylized flowers to embroider. Lavish laces for piano and library scarves, collars, pillows, doilies, lingerie. Charming aprons, boudoir caps, curtains, pillows, rag rug, doilies, napkin rings, and a "Monkey Face Portier".

Knitting and crochet instructions, hook sizing graph, patterns for babies, hats, shawls, vests, mittens, gloves, stockings, blankets and a fabulous tea cozy. Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces. Needle laces made with manufactured tapes and braids many no longer available that work up quickly to stunning results. The linen patterns tracing patterns can also be used by Battenberg and Romanian Point lacemakers. One of the oldest American booklets with crochet patterns - interesting insights on clothing and color tastes of the 's.

Fashion: Philadelphia Carriage shoes, muffatees, bags, stockings, garters, cephaline, cuffs, night caps. Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Charts for filet crochet, beadwork, darned netting, cross-stitch, etc. Basic crochet instructions and filet crochet floral charts for yokes, insertions, edgings, collars and corners. Embroidery stitch and fringing instructions some complex , an essay on the silk industry, a list of college colors, transfer patterns for alphabets, floral designs with instructions and astonishingly beautiful colored plates.

Also drawn thread instructions, crocheting and knitting instructions and patterns for edgings, baby items, bags, slippers, caps, undershirts, mittens, and hose. An astonishing and rare book, with instructions, charts, embroidery templates, flower drying, interior decor and other crafts. By the various methods of dry and web Stamping, including the kind for Plushes, Velvets, etc. Lovely silk embroidery; many stitches illustrated and described for shaded flowers and garlands, monograms, and a quaint rabbit.

Books by Claudia Botterweg (Author of 26 Mix & Match Alphabet Insertions Filet Crochet Pattern)

War relief knitting patterns for walking cast toe sock, adult and child sweaters, cap for bandaged head, simple afghan, gloves, muffler, socks. Embroidery plates that had been removed from a very early Dutch needlework magazine. Fabulous embroidery chart of a hunting poodle. Clear illustrations of simple embroidery stitches that quickly progress to patterns of dazzling complexity.

Charts for alphabets, borders, monograms, and wonderful scenes of bicycles, boats, trains, motor car and balloons.

Dozens of different cross stitches collected from many parts of the world, beautifully illustrated, with some needle lace stitches for joinings, edges and tassels, plus 39 colored plates. The centerfold patterns are reproduced full size in the last pdf file. Flat-stitch embroidery plates and pattern outlines for graceful floral and formal pieces. Dazzling stylized tapestry or cross stitch designs - charts for cushion, bag, chair back. Charted designs for darning on net filet ; also suitable for cross-stitch, voided work, and filet crochet.

Mythical beasts, knights and ladies, musical instruments, cherubs, geometric and floral borders, allegorical figures, and more. Many designs are adapted from older examples, but no sources are cited. Thorough explanations on the construction of knitted stockings, along with fancy patterns for sweaters, blankets, trimmings and baby items. Filet charts for crochet, beading, embroidery on net, etc.. Formal and floral designs, birds, mythical creatures, church motifs, Japanese inspired scenes, in edgings, large squares for centerpieces.

Cross stitch and filet instructions in vol.

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  • Cross stitch patterns for art deco alphabets, fields, borders, animals and sceneries, including wonderful insects, fish and birds. Silk knitted lace edgings, insertions, socks and stockings and baby booties, mittens, fancy knitting patterns, a fringed silk lampshade. Crochet and tatting yoke, dresser set, candle shade, baskets, Irish Lace Collar, bags, doilies, charming curtain pulls.

    Pattern treasury of crochet edgings and corners. Prose directions and photographed examples. Cross stitch and other embroidery charts for traditional and art deco alphabets. Art deco cross stitch charts of stylized floral borders and corners, alphabets and a wonderful steamship. Italian language release of DMC freehand-drawn surface embroidery collection.

    Stitch direction, plus full color photographs of borders, insertions, corners, all-over designs.

    Some in metallic threads. Line drawings of all photographed designs are included. Italian language collection of charted designs intended for filet darned net ; some are suitable for cross-stitch, filet crochet, and voided work Assisi embroidery. Some photographs of finished items or use suggestions.

    Framingham Massachusetts, Dennison Mfg Co.