Skating Showdown (Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories)

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Will Fiona be able to stay on the team if she doesn't learn the rules? Peter made the varsity lacrosse team, just like his best friends said he would. In fact, the coach thinks he's one of the best on the team.

But Hurley Johnson, the team's captain, doesn't want Peter to take his spot. He'll stop at nothing to make Peter quit. Will Peter give up? Andrew's been working overtime on improving his speed with his older brother. Can he pull it out and help his team win? Alex and her family just moved, which means she has to start a new school and adjust to a new soccer team. She soon learns that she must play a new position on the team, which makes her frustrated.

Alex must learn how to adjust to her new life and have fun again.

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The Huskies are the biggest and best team in the conference. The Wildcats lose to them every year.

Coach thinks they have a chance this year. Can Carlos make it happen? When Gabby's figure skating coach retires, she has to learn to skate with a new coach. But when her new coach pushes her to do a double Axel, Gabby is afraid her old injury will flare up. Gabby has to decide if winning is worth risking injury. Riley and Blake have been best friends forever, even though Blake is a daredevil and teases Riley.

That all ends when Blake finds a new group of friends. Riley joins the swim team, and soon finds he doesn't need Blake's friendship to get by. But when Blake tries a crazy stunt and dangerous at the lake one day, can Riley put the past aside and save his former friend? Trey Smith, the captain of the Wildcats, knows he's one of the best players on the team. He doesn't worry about anything when he's on the court. But then he finds out that he knows someone on a rival team. It's his cousin, Pete. And to make matters worse, they're assigned to guard each other.

How can Trey play when he'll have to beat his cousin to win? Isaac Roth's big brother was a forward for the Wildcats, and Isaac wants to be one too. His dream is to be the highest-scoring forward ever. The problem is that Isaac is short. Coach Turnbull thinks he'd be a better point guard than a forward, since he's fast and small. Will Isaac be able to change his dream and play for the team, or will he give up on the sport he loves? There are five guys on the Wildcats who always start, and forward Daniel Friedland isn't one of them.

But when the star forward goes on vacation, Daniel gets his chance at the spotlight. It's his turn to shine.

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Daniel has worked hard at improving his free throws, but he's terrible at layups, and everybody knows it. He'll need to work hard if he wants to be a starting Wildcat. Jason never turns down a dare, which has gotten him in trouble more than once. After he gives some classmates a hard time, they challenge him to a BMX competition. Jason can't say no. But BMX is way harder than he thought. If he can't learn to ride before the competition, this dare will be his last. Wildcats center PJ Harris is the tallest player on the team.

Everyone expects him to be a natural on the court. He's an all-star, except for one thing. He's horrible at free throws. When a game comes down to PJ's free throws making the difference between win or lose, he freaks!

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Can he solve his problem in time to earn back the respect of his coach and teammates and himself? When Kenny's anger problem gets out of control, his father signs him up for karate lessons. But even in karate class, Kenny can't get a grip on his temper. He's getting a reputation for being angry.

Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories: Cowgirl Grit

With help from his karate teacher, will Kenny be able to calm down long enough to focus and win? Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. See more. Jake Maddox Girl: Skating Showdown. Jake Maddox. Grace is thrilled when her figure skating coach enters her in a local competition. But when she sees another skater practicing, Grace realizes she'll have some difficult competition.

She psyches herself out so much that she starts messing up the moves she already knows. Can Grace remember why she loved skating before the skating showdown? Jake Maddox: Paintball Invasion. Josh and Chad have been using the same place as a paintball field forever. But now, someone's attacking them, and it isn't someone they know.

Who is out to stop their paintballing fun? It's going to take all their skills and teamwork to stop the sinister invasion. Jake Maddox: Karate Countdown. Jake Maddox: Diving Off the Edge. Jake Maddox Girl: Horseback Hopes. Molly has always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons, but the lessons were too expensive.

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Until now! A new stable has opened up in town, and Molly convinces her parents to let her sign up for classes. Everything is great, except that two girls at school keep making fun of Molly. She'll need to figure out a way to keep her confidence both in and out of the saddle.

Jake Maddox: Cowboy Up. It takes each player on the Wildcats basketball team to win. Their captain, Trey, plays with speed and smarts. Isaac, a point guard, knows how to lead the team. PJ, a center, is tall and quick. And Daniel, a forward, has guts and power. In these four stories, players score basket after basket. But if they want to take it all the way, they'll have to work together. Jake Maddox Girl: Cheer Challenge. Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is!

But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought.